Train-the-Trainer certification offered to client training staff and line managers, and in cases where foreign language skills are needed, independent contractors hired by the client.

TBA's instructor certification process ensures that competencies are demonstrated through practice teaching before the program is completed.  A train-the-trainer program is usually taught with two TBA instructors present in order that small group application practice can be facilitated attentively.

For certification, trainers must demonstrate facility in a range of meeting-leadership skills as well as mastery of program concepts and skills.  The trainer must fully implement the instructional design, and be able to refine it and improve it in response to individual learning difficulties and differences.

Train-the-Trainer Learning Objectives

TBA train-the-trainer support provides practical application of learning principles and platform skills within participant's assigned programs.  Improved training skills allow  professional trainers and/or designated line managers to be certified to:

  • Meet expectations for leading training programs and meetings successfully
  • Maintain energetic interchange among participants
  • Follow instructional design formats for effective learning of new concepts and apply them in a  real job environment
  • Adapt training design to facilitate learning by each participant
  • Maximize personal confidence in teaching any TBA program, using the instructor materials provided