Sample content of self-paced materials

The content of self-paced materials can be enormously varied since we match it precisely to each client's needs.

For a home healthcare provider, we developed:

Infusion Therapy

  1. Overview of Infusion Therapy Business
  2. Overview of Infusion Therapy Services
  3. Anti-Infective Infusion Therapies
  4. Nutrition and Fluid Replacement
  5. Blood and Blood-Related Products
  6. Chemotherapy and Associated Therapies
  7. Immunotherapies
  8. Disease-Related Therapies
  9. Selling Infusion Therapy

For the largest life insurance company in the United States, we developed

Life Insurance

  1. Life Insurance Basics
  2. Overview of Life Insurance Products
  3. Whole Life Insurance
  4. Term Life Insurance
  5. Variable Insurance
  6. Integrated Financial Planning

As several of our clients have said: "TBA can do a better job of teaching us about us than we can ourselves."