Client statements about TBA performance

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Here are comments about TBA performance by four TBA clients.

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  • "This development for on-line delivery has all gone much easier and much more quickly than expected.  Regarding product knowledge training (the next priority), if the corporation does not develop a uniform architecture soon, we will develop our own with TBA."
    -- Vice President, Global Investor Services Training


  • "We needed someone to read all the existing fact sheets, prospectuses, brochures, and interview 50 top producers to identify best practices and write an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand series of modules on life insurance, property & casualty, mutual funds and annuities, and securities and investments, and give our people sufficient confidence to apply this knowledge in initial discussions with customers on the phone.  TBA was able to put all this material together on schedule with very little help from us."
    -- Manager, Sales and Service Support Center


  • "Historically, we have sold home nursing to discharge planners for  patients whose conditions required homecare, especially less mobile patients without much support in the home.  We evolved a service offering to not only manage distribution of ancillary services for benefit plan members for HMOs and insurance companies, we tracked utilization to reduce cost of care without compromising quality of care.  TBA Resources developed for us knowledge training and face-to-face and presentation skills training necessary for us to make conceptual presentations to managed care networks of various kinds.  The program has been enormously successful, and in part, helped us win some of the largest contracts with Cigna, Aetna, and others."
    -- Vice President, Sales


  • "We needed help in teaching us about ourselves.  Every specialist said our area is unique and very complicated.  It would be impossible.  But someone from the outside was able to interview in two-hour chunks and astonishingly absorb enough to write 60-100 page units of instruction on all of our functional areas.  This was an amazing feat.  We combined this knowledge with consultative skills development and brought 300 people up to a level where they could speak with authority to clients about the whole organization."
    -- Manager, Training and Development