The TBA core sales skills programs provide resources in such high-impact areas as:

  • Consultative selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Customer feedback
  • Customer relations
  • Inside selling
  • Listening
  • Negotiations
  • Telemarketing


Our most frequently adopted programs are:

Consultative Selling Skills [CSS]  A three-day program that improves sensitivity to customer cues, and develops skills in building a personal relationship, establishing a business purpose, exploring customer needs, determining acceptable solutions, handling objections and skepticism, and committing to action plans.

Consultative Negotiating Skills [CNS] A three-day program to help managers and account managers maximize client profitability and productive internal collaboration by building on common interests, maximizing cooperation, resolving apparent conflict, managing real conflict, and committing to appropriate action plans.

Customer Relations Skills [CRS]  A one-day, two-day, or three-day program for customer contact personnel and telemarketers who must create favorable first impression, serve their customers as problem solvers, and engage in dialogue based on inquiries in incoming calls and cross-selling of existing customers through outgoing calls.  Skills focus on are preparation, rapport building, active listening, fact-finding, problem solving, and closing.

Presentation Skills Program [PSP]  A two-day program strengthening preparation and communications skills, such as audience analysis, organization, delivery, use of visuals, leading discussions, and on-the-fly charting necessary for effective internal and external presentations.

Relationship Selling Skills [RSS]  A two or three-day program to help customer contact personnel and telemarketers recognize potential for increasing volume and customer loyalty through problem solving, building a relationship, establishing  cross-selling purpose, exploring needs, developing acceptance, resolving concerns, and committing to action.

Train-the-Trainer [TTP]  A one or two-day program (or longer, if dictated by group size and current skills level) to develop and provide practice in platform trainer skills.  Improves general facility as an instructor, with focus on presenting information, giving directions, leading discussions, charting techniques, and managing one's ongoing self-evaluation and development.  Practice teaching is applied to TBA programs being implemented within the organization.

Other service areas include: