Technical Knowledge

Those with sales or service contact must meet professional standards for knowledge attainment.  TBA provides self-directed learning and classroom-based knowledge application skills programs in:

  • Customer knowledg|
  • Product knowledge
  • Service procedures knowledge
  • Technical knowledge

Our most frequently used programs are:

Customer Knowledge Application [CKA]  A varied-length program emphasizing correct diagnosis of customer needs, decision-making criteria, and product development opportunities, in a competitive selling environment.

Product Knowledge Application [PKA]  A varied-length program developing skills and strategies  for diagnosing customer needs, positioning service capability, applying information and probing strategies to define needs, and make suitable product and service recommendations in various market/customer environments.

QUEST Quick Start Program [QQP]  An orientation and user's guide, day planner, and progress reporter for new-hires describing the process of partnered self-development, establishment of a personal network of colleagues, projects to explore best practices, objectives and applications, client orientation, marketplace web bookmarks, knowledge encyclopedias, and cafeterias as a means of ensuring desired competency and career development with coaching support.

Train-the-Trainer [TTP]  A one- or two-day program (or longer, if dictated by group size and current skills level) to develop  platform trainer skills.  Improves general facility as an instructor, with focus on presenting information, giving directions, leading discussions, good charting technique, and managing one's ongoing self-evaluation and development.  Practice teaching is applied to TBA programs implemented within the organization.