Sales Strategy

In every organization, sales tactics and capabilities must be integrated with management strategies, TBA sales strategy development programs provide resources in such areas as:

  • Account strategy
  • Creating customer value
  • Forecasting
  • Market segmentation
  • Prospecting
  • Quality implementation
  • Relationship management
  • Sales planning
  • Telemarketing
  • Territory management
  • Time management


Our most frequently adopted programs are:

Account Development Program [ADP]  A two-day program teaching how to set account priorities according to opportunity and exposure analysis, analysis of decision makers and competitive analysis; how to plan the sales cycle and formulate account strategy; account management; the art of concept selling; forecasting; and target account status reporting.

Business Development Program [BDP]  A two-day program for retail sales personnel who must become more proactive through market analysis, prospect analysis, sales objective setting, sales action planning, prospecting, performance measurement and reporting, and improved tele-marketing skills.

Managing Markets Program [MMP]  A three-day program designed to maximize profitable market penetration through clarification of sales role, market and territory analysis, market segmentation, sales objective setting, sales action planning, itinerary planning, performance measurement, time management, and implementation of prospecting procedures.

Relationship Management Program [RMP]  A two-day program addressing sales team coordination needs for complex accounts with multiple locations, through account profitability analysis, team building, negotiation of accountabilities, relationship planning, client presentations, plan updates, and periodic account reviews.

Value-Driven Selling [VDS]  A three-day program that helps experienced sales teams, including managers, determine what quantitative and qualitative impact they can produce in the customer organization, how these value propositions should be introduced in sales calls at each phase in the sales cycle, what project plans should be created to achieve multi-functional breakthroughs in profit improvement, and facilitation and team building skills for team members to effectively manage projects for customers.

Train-the-Trainer [TTP]  A one or two-day program (or longer, if dictated by group size and current skills level) to develop and provide practice in platform trainer skills.  Improves general facility as an instructor, with focus on presenting information, giving directions, leading discussions, good charting technique, and managing one's ongoing self-evaluation and development.  Practice teaching is applied to TBA programs implemented within the organization.