Marketing & Orientation

 Product managers often need to be more effective in interfacing with various line organizations.  All those concerned with organizational effectiveness also need various workshop formats to facilitate a change process that leads to acceptance of restructuring, new compensation and reporting systems, and other significant changes in job processes.  TBA provides programs in such areas as:

  • Change Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Alignment
  • Job Orientation


Our most frequently adopted programs are:

Job Orientation Program [JOP]  A day-by-day, week-by-week system for time effort scheduling, coaching and independent study, covering administrative duties, business planning, compensation plans, computer training, skills development, hands-on learning, legal requirement and logistics, and all other development support provided, to new CSRs, sales representatives, and managers

Managing Implementation [MI]  A two or three-day program for executives and managers responsible for implementing cultural or strategic change to help t plan transitions, predict impact, adopt necessary roles, improve communications,  assess effectiveness of change agents, advocates and sponsors, manage "pain," and take a proactive role in achieving corporate goals.

Marketing Management Program [MMP]  A three-day program in which product managers learn critical elements of marketing management, time allocation, marketing plan development, collaboration and influence skills, and present individual product plans for review.

QUEST Quick Start Program [QQP]  An orientation and user's guide, day planner, and progress reporter for new-hires describing the process of partnered self-development, establishment of  personal network of colleagues, projects to explore best practices, objectives and applications, client orientation, marketplace web bookmarks, knowledge encyclopedias, and cafeterias as a means of ensuring desired competency and career development with coaching support.

Strategy Deployment Program [SDP]  Typically, a half  to one-day program in which employees review marketing strategy, assess  job profiles needed to be successful, establish time allocation requirements, determine training requirements, identify obstacles to productivity, and develop a personal plan of action to improve effectiveness.

Train-the-Trainer [TTP]  A one- or two-day program (or longer, if dictated by group size and current skills level) to develop in platform trainer skills.  Improves general facility as an instructor, with focus on presenting information, giving directions, leading discussions, good charting technique, and managing one's ongoing self-evaluation and development.  Practice teaching is applied to TBA programs implemented within the organization.