Top 10 problems we address for our clients

Problems you bring us


How we evaluate our success

1. Need to launch a new product

2. Need to enter a new market segment

3. Need to sell at a new decision making level

4. Need to raise competency level of experienced employees across the board

5. Need to raise  level of skills knowledge across sales or service to level of our best people

6. Need to accelerate  productivity of new-hires

7. Need to reduce turnover by improving early performance and increasing loyalty

8. Need to improve sales and service manager effectiveness in all areas of coaching and counseling

9. Need to improve sales managers' effectiveness in managing markets through better collaboration with sales team members

10. Need to gain buy-in and understanding at all levels to the strategy, vision, and values that define organizational aspirations



1. Did we improve your sales, service, and/or marketing performance?

2. Were  solutions pragmatic, defining specific steps and tactics that can be applied immediately by everyone?

3. Did we bring all managers and customer contact personnel to level of experts necessary to communicate at executive level?

4. Did we strengthen teams and innovation among populations trained?

5. Did we integrate into training the mission, goals, strategies, tactics and skills management  essential for operating success?

6. Did we secure a high level of commitment from employees to sustaining excellence and long-term performance?

7. Did we inspire higher levels of commitment to the client organization?

8. Did we increase professionalism of every participant and significantly decrease  differences between high and low performers?

9. Were there measurable gains in knowledge and skills and were they achieved in less time?

10. Is there an increase in market and/or customer satisfaction, achieved penetration and/or profitability through incremental performance?