To improve individual productivity and organizational effectiveness, TBA corporate coaches and consultants provide:

Competency and Excellence Models:  Definition and assessment of personal traits, skills, and knowledge needed for success.

Customization: Customized design and development of cases, games, exercises, role plays, profiles, text materials, charts, video, computer-assisted instruction, and tools to transfer training to application.

Instruction:  Professional platform instructors available for on-site or remote teaching as an adjunct to internal trainers.

Instructor Training: Training and certification of internal instructors and master instructors for competent and effective delivery.

Performance Consulting:  Sales, marketing, and human resource-related consulting engagements, including organizational assessment.

Sales Information Systems Installation: Construction of appropriate procedures for planning, execution, evaluation, and reporting.

Organizational Development:  Establishment of a communication and development framework for management to implement change in behavior and job practices.

Performance Auditing:  Analysis and identification of causes of positive and negative performance.  Review of job design, objectives, reporting and feedback, rewards, motivation, skills and capabilities.

Knowledge Management:  Preparation of database architecture for assimilation, application and updating of information on procedures, products, services and policies.