Consultants, Developers & Instructors

TBA has a network of independent contractors closely associated with its core full-time staff.  Many members have been affiliated with TBA  for over ten years. They are family.

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TBA performance consultants

  • TBA has close associations with a core group of performance consultants, who:
  • Advise executives and teams on ways of improving organizational effectiveness and business results.
  • Design and implement customer focus groups and internal employee focus groups to discuss benchmark standards and best practices.
  • Build senior management consensus, commitment, expectations and role clarity around change initiatives.
  • Research and implement strategies for deployment of corporate visioning, updated missions, values, goals and objectives.
  • Conceptualize, plan and implement innovative strategies and tactics for salesforce improvement.


TBA instructional designers and developers of custom material

TBA has close associations with a core group instructional designers and developers of custom material, who:

  • Design sales, marketing and management training seminars.
  • Design presentations and product knowledge, marketing and educational materials.
  • Write and edit participant guides and self-directed learning workbooks
  • Write audio and video scripts, role plays, case studies, instructor manuals, and product launch training materials.
  • Convert text documents into Toolbook and Authorware computer-based programs




 TBA instructors and facilitators

TBA has close associations with a core group of instructors and facilitators, who:

  • Conduct sales, marketing, management, and product knowledge seminars and training workshops.
  • Install management and sales training programs in executive pilot sessions.
  • Conduct internal instructor training seminars including certification of line and staff managers for specific delivery assignments.
  • Conduct corporate coaching sessions with TBA program participants, managers of program participants, client instructors, training and development professionals and client executives.
  • Provide executive coaching for enhancing personal and professional effectiveness.