Customization Options

TBA program designs typically provide for active involvement of participants 70-75% of the time.  We use the following types of custom-tailored exercises:

  • Comprehension check - a combination of multiple choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank formats, and matching questions, with immediate feedback.
  • Application exercise - situations are described that require interpretation and judgment about how to proceed.
  • Unit review - comprehensive final test, either self-corrected or reviewed with a coach who provides feedback.
  • Diagnostic knowledge assessment - computer-based and objectively scored, providing individual profiles of knowledge attainment.
  • Fast draw exercise - cue-and-response drill that simulates telephone or face-to-face dialogue environment.
  • Mini role play - short conversations in which problem solving, complaint handling, referrals, appointment-seeking, etc., are practiced.
  • Complex role play - simulations that wed skill practice with practice in analyzing product knowledge.
  • Mini discussion exercise - identification of rationale supporting recommended procedures, products, and services.
  • Maxi discussion case - development of strategy or multi-phase plans for complex accounts.
  • Organization capability case - practice in identifying job functions and organizational teams needed to produce responses to RFPs or relationship plans.
  • Day-in-the-life priority and process case - identification of decision rules in responding appropriately to conflicting priorities and directions on-the-job.
  • Panel role play simulation - team exercise and customer simulation involving multiple team selling interviews, account strategy formulation, and a selling presentation to a committee of customer decision makers.
  • Decision making game - team exercise to determine most appropriate value propositions and product and service recommendations to satisfy complex account needs.